Exotic yacht Pelorus

10349579 Exotic yacht Pelorus

Pelorus Luxury yacht

The Pelorus yacht is a length of 115 meters one of the largest private mega-yachts in the world. It was designed by Tim Heywood and built by German shipyard Lrssen. Among the largest Pelorus Mega yacht in the world it occupies a top position.

yacht pelorus Exotic yacht Pelorus

Pelorus yacht Rear View

The Saudi statesman Al Sheik Modhassan bought the Pelorus yacht after its completion in 2003 for about 300 million U.S. dollars, they sold it the Pelorus yacht following year to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who in September 2004 by the Blohm & Voss shipyard Rebuild for 6 months for about 12 million € was Pelorus modern yacht. This was a second helipad on the bow, stabilizers and small modifications to the mast, rear and the exhaust system Pelorus yacht.

Yacht Pelorus in L%C3%BCbeck Exotic yacht Pelorus

Pelorus Mega yacht

The Pelorus yacht is powered by two 3900 kW W?rtsil? engines that can propel the ship to a maximum of 20 knots. Providing details about the Private yacht Pelorus inner workings of it a long time since Roman Abramovich in terms of his private life has always been very cloudy Pelorus yacht.

pelorus yacht most expensive yachts Exotic yacht Pelorus

Model Pelorus Power Yacht

The Pelorus yacht designer of the interior is Terence Disdale. He has traveled for the equipment of the yacht around the mega yacht world and has collected material for furniture and paneling. He used the luxury yacht example of the ceiling of the lounge leaves of the banana tree, the oak and slate floor, the doors are from ancient Chinese temples Pelorus yacht.

pelorus yacht abramovich Exotic yacht Pelorus

Pelorus yacht in Sea

For all sorts of Pelorus yacht accessories he fossil tree roots from Malaysia, the Philippines bark, driftwood from Bali. Other materials used: bronze, chenille, iron, nickel, tin and raffia.The modern yacht crew includes 46 members, the whole year are on board. In addition, the security personnel who accompanied the Pelorus yacht family constantly. Together with the Eclipse and the Sussurro it is the Pelorus yacht fleet.


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