Stargate Super Yacht

luxury yacht mega yacht steel tri deck custom made 248367 Stargate Super Yacht

Stargate Mega Yacht

Mega Yacht Stargate Model has been designated and designed by teams of Oceanco. The “A” team was responsible for the interior in collaboration with renowned designer, Camillo Costantini Stargate Yacht.

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Stargate Yacht Of Port

The Stargate Super Yacht owner does not want pictures of the interior are taken, but the word “spectacular”comes to mind of Stargate Luxury Yacht those who have had the opportunity to get into it and see its huge and fascinating interior.

 Stargate Super Yacht

Modern Yacht Stargate Model

This Mega Yacht Stargate investment is part of Engel & Vlkers Yachting Dizinnin. Yacht Directory, which can not bought with Engel & Vlkers or kiralanamayan worldwide, consists of top quality yachts.

 Stargate Super Yacht

Stargate Private Yacht

Length Stargate Mega Yacht: 80.00m
Draft: 13.00m
Maximum speed of Mega Yacht: approx. 23.5 knots
Fuel capacity: 420 000 L
Material Luxury Yacht Stargate: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure


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