Super Yacht model Samar

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Samar Super yacht

Samar yacht is 77 meters (252 ft). Mega Yacht Samar is made from high quality steel and aluminum.It was designed by American architect Joe Thome.Samar Yacht was 2006 and in same year was released to fly.

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Samar Yacht of Port

Samar yacht can hold 44 peoples including crew.The Samar yacht and offers almost all which can be made on a luxury yacht. Samar yacht has 7 rooms of which 2 are VIP.Samar yacht is powered by a diesel-electric propulsion that consists of three 1530 kW generators and two Wirtsili engines 2.414 hp of Samar yacht.

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Samar Yacht Side View

Of Samar yacht it can have land and Helicopter.Samar yacht diesel engines which are 3 of 1530 KW Diesel Generators, and the Samar yacht other 2 are 2414 speed is 17 HP.


SAMAR 680 Super Yacht model Samar

Samar Yacht In Sea

Max knots.When Samar yacht travel yacht with its crew and its guests, it develops a speed of 12 knots.At present Samar yacht is owned Kutayba Alghanim.Samar yacht is named after his daughter.

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Luxury Yacht model Samar

Combined, they provide a top speed of 16.5 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.During its maiden voyage on Samar yacht visited Denmark, Sweden and Latvia.

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Samar Yacht Living Room

Mega Yacht Samar sailed today (10.15.10) at the Commercial Port of Rhodes luxury yacht (Mega Yacht)  “Samar“. Owner of the yacht is a multimillionaire businessman from Kuwait, the Katayaba Alghamin o yacht which gave the Samar yacht name of his daughter.

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Samar Yacht Piano

The yacht Samar is the epitome of a luxury yacht which features a heliport, a large hydromassage pool, open Bar, a cinema and seven tastefully decorated accommodation for twelve passengers Samar yacht.

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Samar Yacht Luxury Bed Room

The Samar yacht helipad is designed to accommodate a Bell 407 helicopter with refueling facilities, three jet skis and a MINI Cooper convertible Samar yacht. In 2008, Samar yacht ranked in 41st place in the top 100 largest yachts in the world.

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Samar Yacht Outside Bar

For those interested in luxury vacations that rented yacht !!!!! around 650.000 € per week. Attach photos and other to the top of the Samar yacht comments!

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Samar Yacht Out Boxes

To ship has a length of 77 m, width 13 m and a peak speed of 17 knots, year of Samar yacht construction 2006 yards England Devonport.This Samar yacht has an aluminum structure and features Jacuzzis, Heliport. Inside there are 7 suites for 12 guests Samar yacht.


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