Wallypower 118 Most-Expensive Yacht

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Wallypower 118 Mega Yacht

The Wallypower 118 Yacht is a high-speed luxury yacht that is designed by Wally Yachts from Monaco and manufactured. Their futuristic and minimalist design that is reminiscent of a yacht with stealth features, makes the black shimmering yacht once. All for a Wallypower 118 Mega Yacht of this size required a superstructure were hidden under panels, the two radars and GPS. Light teak floors form a sharp contrast to the Private Yacht Wallypower 118 dark hull and the black smoke glass panes that make up a large portion of the Wallypower 118 Yacht outer surface of the cabin.

118+WallyPower+yacht Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Expensive Yacht Wallypower Model 118

Wallypower 118 Yacht below deck there is a large master cabin and two spacious guest cabins also windowless. Frosted-glass skylights provide daylight and prisms. Three cabins with two berths accommodate the Wallypower 118 Expensive Yacht crew.Your price is € 14 million (in the version with 3 ? 2950 kW diesel engines) or 20 million euros (in the variant with three gas turbines). A wider audience was the Wallypower 118 Yacht by the movie The Island.

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Wallypower 118 Yacht In Sea


The high-speed super yacht WallyPower 118 was founded in 1993 by the shipyard Wally Yachts (Monte Carlo, Monaco) and 2002 designed and built from the pile left. Now is the luxury yacht at a price of 12.5 million € for sale. Striking is their purist and futuristic design and shimmering black color of Wallypower 118 Mega Yacht, reminiscent of the 36 meter long and 9 meters wide yacht to a stealth bomber. The Most Expensive Yacht Wallypower 118 color changes depending on lighting conditions, reflections and the surrounding landscape into a kind of metallic dark green Wallypower 118 Yacht.


wally power 118 yacht Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Through its case made of titanium is extremely light yet very robust against the high temperatures produced by the Wallypower 118 Yacht gas turbine in the rear. All deck structures, including radar and GPS are located behind panels, so that a walk across the deck easily and safely Wallypower 118 Yacht. In sharp contrast to the Wallypower 118 Mega Yacht dark hull and the smoked glass windows, which extend beyond the outer surface of the cabin at high speeds and allow a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea, are the bright floors made of teak Wallypower 118 Yacht.

wallypower 118 Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Private Yacht Wallypower 118

The Wallypower 118 Power Yacht has a large cabin for the ship owner, and two large guest cabins without windows. To ensure that adequate daylight from skylights and translucent glass prisms Modern Yacht Wallypower 118. For the crew, three cabins with two berths available. In addition, there is a large dining area, areas for relaxing and entertainment areas Wallypower 118 Yacht. The lounges are organized on three levels. Known was the WallyPower 118 by their appearance as fast boat “Renovatio” in the movie “The Island” starring Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor in the Wallypower 118 Private Yacht year 2005.

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Wallypower 118 Yacht Side View

TheWallypower 118 Yacht is powered by 3x DDC TF 50 gas turbines with a maximum output of 12,300 kW and 2 x 370 HP Cummins diesel engines with a maximum power of 544 kW. This Wallypower 118 Yacht reached the yacht a top speed of 60 knots (111 km / h) and at maximum speed has a range of 380 nautical miles (703 km). Your fuel consumption at top speed is one liter of diesel per second.The main engines Wallypower 118 Yacht – it’s three gas turbines with total capacity of 16,800 horsepower. They break up this superkater .. At a cruising speed of 60 knots the vessel may pass 380 nautical miles, and at a speed of 9 knots – 1.5 thousand miles. In a turbulent sea yacht does not reset the speed lower than 45 -20 knots, with a stable on the waves and do not bounce Wallypower 118 Yacht.

118%2BWallyPower%2Bluxury%2Byacht Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Wallypower 118 Yacht Stylish Interior

Luca Bassani, the founder of Wally Yachts, shocked with his first draft of the yacht world. Meanwhile, his innovative ideas Wallypower 118 Yacht, technical solutions and designs his trademark flamboyant and have gained a large fan base. Among the prominent owners of a Wallypower 118 Yacht include, among others, the Spanish King Juan Carlos I and Pirelli chief Marco Tronchetti Provera. Bassani explained to you that he has created with its yachts boats, “look around to where the girls” and that his Wallypower 118 Yacht draw attention to itself, because it may contradict an expert.

118 WallyPower 03 Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Wallypower 118 Yacht Luxury Cabine

The Wallypower 118 Yacht obvious aerodynamics of the boat was tested in the development phase in the Ferrari Wind Tunnel and allows together with the Wallypower 118 Yacht extreme V-shaped hull of the ship cutting through the waves without loss of speed through the swells.Mega yacht 118 WallyPower built at the shipyard in 2003, Wally. This is the speedster of the world in its class Wallypower 118 Yacht. Incredible high-cruise speed of 60 knots per hour – and the unusual design of the Wallypower 118 Yacht immediately made her a legend. Museum of Contemporary Art San Francisco chose it as an exhibit to one of the Wallypower 118 Mega Yacht most prestigious art exhibitions in America,and she was the only boat shown in this prestigious event Wallypower 118 Yacht.

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Wallypower 118 Modern Yacht

In addition, Wallypower 118 Yacht with a sailing yacht Wally B has divided the two main prizes authoritative Millenium Yacht Design Award.Yacht combines unusual appearance and luxurious interior trim. Its angular, “piano black” casing made of composite materials for its contours like Stealth aircraft or similar “stealth” modern Wallypower 118 Yacht. It takes on board passengers and 6.12 6 crew members. can reach inaccessible to most boats speed of 60 knots (111.1 km / h). Even for the class of high-speed Wallypower 118 Yacht 60 knots – a lot. For Mega yachts of 36 meters and a speed at all unprecedented.


wally power yacht 118 2 Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Wallypower 118 Yacht OutDoor Interior

This Wallypower 118 Yacht incredible agility and stability is ensured by a special design yachts: the base width of the 118th is 9 meters long and sharp nose allows cut any wave without losing speed. Designers Yachts – Charles Pickering (Lazzarini & Pickering), and Luca Bassani, owner of Wallypower 118 Yacht. The latter is considered in the construction of a modern yacht, Leonardo da Vinci. Super yacht 118 Wallypower become one of the “business card” of Wally Yachts is a 36-foot motorboat built in 2002.

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Power Yacht Wallypower 118

The Wallypower 118 Yacht are considered high performance superyacht, truly wonderful floating. They integrate the latest technology with a minimalist design that can be done by Wallypower 118 Yacht. The exterior of Wallypower 118 Yacht can be a bit rough, as it resembles a warship, but disguised for its exquisite lines and luxurious finish. It is made of carbon fiber and glass composite, and has an extremely high level Wallypower 118 Power Yacht. It has capacity to accommodate up to 6 passengers and 6 crew luxury yacht.

118 wallypower yacht sofa Wallypower 118 Most Expensive Yacht

Wallypower 118 Luxury and Expensive Yacht

This Wallypower 118 Yacht is powered by gas turbines producing 3 a total force of thrust of 16,800 HP, it has two diesel engines. Its maximum speed of 60 knots, a boat makes WallyPower fast enough. The Wallypower 118 Yacht exhaust system is made of titanium, which saves weight and is also very resistant to high temperatures generated by gas turbines.It comes with Miele appliances and Gaggeneau series, with LCD TVs in each bedroom, full kitchen and a room with unsurpassed view because it is surrounded by large windows.Wallypower 118 Yacht its price is about $ 24’000.


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